Difference between subdomain and addon domain

Difference between subdomain and addon domain

A lot of people looking for a blog domain name will choose a subdomain instead of a real domain and sometimes they don’t understand the difference. This blog difference between the subdomain and addon domain hopes to clear up that confusion as well as what kind of website you can build using a subdomain.


Use of subdomain and addon domain

A subdomain is a site that is within the main domain. The subdomain is the local version of the main domain name. The addon domain or subdomain is another domain that is registered under the main domain and they are separate. In most cases, a subdomain is used to create a separate or different website. The addon domain is a domain that is similar to the main domain. The addon domain can have its own content as well. This blog will look at the difference between the subdomain and addon domain.

A subdomain or subfolder is a website that is created within a larger website. If you have a domain like https://example.com the subdomain could be https://example.com/about. Subdomains are useful because they make it easy to create a new page within your website and make it stand out from the rest.

When you have a business, it’s important to have a website that’s professional and easy to navigate. In order to attract more customers and give them information about your current and upcoming events, you need to have a website that’s well-designed. While you can design a website yourself, it’s often better to work with a professional web design company to ensure that your website meets certain criteria set by search engines, such as Google. Since you’re here, we’re guessing you’re looking for answers to the question: “Is a subdomain or addon domain better for my website?”. We’ll get to that in just a moment. You should know that these two terms can be interchanged, which is why we’re going to focus on a general definition of these two types of domains.


Subdomains and Addon Domains are both types of Dominions. The only difference is that with a subdomain, you are creating a separate website on a specific domain, while the addon domain is a subdomain of your main domain. Both Addon Domains and subdomains are easy to create, but you’ll need to go through your web host or registrar to get one. If you’re using a WordPress host, you can use a plugin like Domain Mapping which makes the process much easier. The process of adding an Addon Domain in WordPress is simple: 1. Visit cPanel for your web host and click “addon domains” 2. Choose the domain you want to add and click “create” – you’ll need to create a new DNS record for your new domain 3. Once the addon domain has been created, you can set it as your primary domain in WordPress.

This blog difference between the subdomain and addon domain hopes to clear up that confusion


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